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Where to Buy Moroccan Oil

Authentic pure quality Moroccan oil will have amazing results on your skin and hair. But finding a legitimate source of Moroccan oil online is not easy and may leave you saying “This product sounds amazing, but WHERE can I buy Moroccan Oil?”. If you are just trying to find where to buy Argan oil there are many pure oil brands available. Brand name products are often the most well known and sought after. This is because the name brands have special formulations with more than just basic argan oil. These formulations can be great for special needs or if you want the same results as pure oil without as much of the argan scent.

Here you will find good suppliers for quality Moroccan oil products of all types, both 100% natural, as well as brand name formulations. If you are trying to purchase specific Moroccan oil products, such as the treatments made by Moroccanoil®, you will find you cannot buy through their website,  As a result you will want to stick with the reputable online providers as linked to below, to make sure you get the best quality and price.

Where to buy Moroccan Oil products by Moroccanoil®

Moroccanoil® is currently one of the best known brands providing Argan oil based hair and skin products. Their treatments, creams and shampoo have been raved about by hair stylists the world over. Their flagship products, Moroccan oil hair treatment (for all hair) and Moroccan oil light (specifically for lighter hair), are in high demand. But it is surprisingly hard to find a local retailer who supplies it, unless you go to a hairstylist that works with Moroccanoil and you are willing to pay the retail markup.

But if you buy online you can get the same great quality at more reasonable prices. Additionally you can have access to the entire array of the product line that may not be available at your local stylist's shop.
Where to buy Moroccan Oil products

Where to buy Argan oil

Moroccanoil® products are not pure Argan oil but they are amazing products, and do not have all the extra additives that lead to buildup with other products. If you want fully organic and pure Argan oil for skin or hair then there are many options as well. But we recommend the following two since they are known brands, best quality and have the best reviews.

Slice of Nature – Pure Argan Oil

Where to buy argan oil products slice of nature Slice of nature is as pure as it gets. Marketed as “Virgin” and “Raw” what  you should know about this product is that it has no additives, is cold pressed, not roasted, and not deodorized. This is exactly what the Berber women have used for centuries. You should know, however, that because it is not deodorized it has the full Argan musky smell. Many love this smell, calling it a sort of sweet cologne. But some do not, so keep that in mind.

You can get this product from Amazon, just follow this link for their official Amazon listing.

Josie Maran Argan Oil

A well known name in beauty products, this is the other grade A option in pure Argan oil. They also are cold pressed and without additives, however they use a slightly different refining process than Slice of Nature and as a result some customers say it is not as harsh and has less odor and thus prefer it.

While you can purchase from Amazon, the official retailer for this product is Sephora, the visionary market leader in the online beauty-retail world. Sephora offers free shipping over 50$ and up to 3 free samples.
Where to buy Josie Maran Argan Oil

Why These Recommended Moroccan oil products?

Make sure to obtain your beauty products from authorized retailers.

First you have to realize that authentic Argan oil is the most rare oil on the planet. It comes from an endangered tree that only grows in the deserts of Morocco. It is harvested by hand by local Berber women, who the Moroccan government and UNESCO have mandated are the only people that can harvest and process the argon kernels, as they use sustainable methods. Additionally, the cost of production not only funds the UNESCO mission to protect the environmental habitat of the trees, it also goes to a cooperative to ensure that the local women who harvest it have a decent part time wage and working conditions that allow them to make a living and care for their families.

Authentic argan oil is what provides the amazing regenerative properties you are looking for. Authentic and authorized sources means your oil will not only work properly, but that native producers were properly compensated and that the environment was not harmed.

Don't Be Scammed by Counterfeits

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Wise words to keep in mind. For authentic Argan oil you do have to pay for the quality and stick to the reputable brands. Beware of no name brands offering bargain basement prices. That is why we have recommendations on where to buy Moroccan Oil products. Fortunately, real Moroccan oil products with authentic Argan oil last much longer than you think. A little goes a long way, and you can usually be very stingy with how much you apply and still get great results.

The quality merchants listed above are recommended because they are trustworthy: both Amazon and Sephora are well known with a reputation they wish to maintain. In the unlikely event you do have any issues, be sure to contact them as soon as possiblle and they will certainly help you resolve the issue to your satisfaction. After that, if you had an issue with any merchant linked to from this site PLEASE CONTACT US. We have researched the above links for authenticity however if you encounter any problems we want to know about them.