How to Use Moroccan Oil

Enjoy Better Hair & Skin by Learning How to Use Moroccan Oil

How to use Moroccan oil for skin Argan oil and kernals How to use Moroccan Oil for hair

How to Use Moroccan Oil for Amazing Hair and Skin

How to Use Moroccan Oil for Hair in 4 Daily Steps

By itself or in formulations, such as found in the Moroccanoil Treatment® products, Moroccan Argan oil can be used in a number of ways for hair. You can easily incorporate it into your existing hair care routine.

For daily use the following 4 steps are recommended:

 1. Shampoo and conditioner as normal with whatever products you are comfortable with for your hair. After shower, comb and gently towel dry hair.


 2. With hair still damp pour a dime to nickle sized portion of Moroccan Oil onto the palm of your hand depending on hair length (quarter sized portion for very long, thick, coarse hair). Less is usually better as the oil stretches a long way.
 3. Spread the oil out by rubbing hands together. Then, massage and apply oil into your hair using hands, working from tip to root. Make sure to apply small drops of oil as needed. Alternatively, you may choose just to focus on the mid to tips and forgo application of oil to the root. This is especially for long hair or if you do not need/are uneasy about root treatments.
 4. After finishing application, blow dry hair with a brush. Use a diffuser if curls are desired, or paddle brush for straight smooth styles. You can also let dry naturally if you choose. Either way, hair will be shiny and silky smooth. Before or during this step you can also apply any products you routinely use as standard parts of your styling process.

But that is not the only way you can use Moroccan Oil - READ BELOW for more information on:

Getting Started with Moroccan Oil

Learning how to use Moroccan oil will help you in your search for beauty enhancing and age defying treatments for hair and skin. For many centuries the Berber women of Morocco have used natural oils from the Argan tree that achieve amazing results for skin, hair and body. These Moroccan Oils have been known in Europe for some time, being called “liquid gold” and “wonder oil”. Now they are available in America in a variety of products. Learn how to use them and which ones are right for you. Moroccan oil hair

"Moroccan Oil" implies any product that is either pure Argan oil or that uses Argan oil as a main ingredient. Below we will assume using either a pure cosmetic grade Moroccan Argan oil product or the Moroccanoil® brand products. Be aware that other products may have different ingredients or intended functions, and you should consult those products instructions for specific information.

Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair

Using Moroccan oil for hair is one of the most popular applications. It is easy to see why. The versatility and benefits of argon oil for hair by itself are quite impressive. It can be used on any type of hair, dry or oily, straight or curly. It is an excellent all-purpose hair product that plays the role of conditioner, friz control, protection, rejuvenation, and beautification. It is absorbed instantly and makes hair softer, smoother and silkier and yet can still add volume!

Moroccan oils excel at providing excellent protection from dry, hot, harsh environments—exactly like the Moroccan desert from which the oil originated. Not only does it protect, but it also adds moisture and is one of the only oils that will actually repair damaged hair and split ends.

Additional uses for hair:

Moroccan Argan Oil has many uses, daily use for hair rejuvenation and protection is just the beginning.

You can apply a very small portion of Moroccan Oil to dry hair to give it some extra shine and silkiness. This is a great way to “finish” the ends if they are frizzy or unruly. It grants heat and humidity protection.

You can also follow up an application of the oil with a quick once over with a flat iron hair to give it a sleek finish and extra shine.

Moroccan Oils can actually prime hair to be better able to absorb color more evenly. To use in this way, apply a small amount of Moroccan oil to hair before applying color. Do not wash or rinse hair before applying the bleaching agent or color.  Start with a pearl sized dollop of oil as a base line, but experiment with what works best for your hair and the styling technique you are using. If using Moroccanoil Treatment® you can also add up to one and a half cap fulls of the oil to your color mix and before the normal application process for added protection, elasticity, shine and absorption of color.


Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

Moroccan Oils are called “wonder oils” because they have amazing benefits for your skin, as well as your hair. To understand more on how and why it works read our information about Moroccan oil ingredients.

Argan oil for your skin has an amazing list of benefits:

How to use Moroccan oil for skin

Moroccan oil benefits for skin How to use Moroccan Oil for cuticles

Moroccan Oils for the skin can be applied a number of ways. If you are using a product that has extra ingredients added be sure to check the label for any warnings or instructions. For pure Argan oil and most skin cream follow these instructions:

Moroccan Argan oil acne treatment

Because acne is such a stress inducing and visible skin condition people who suffer from it would do almost anything to be rid of it. Fortunately an Argan oil for acne treatment regiment is a very effective an all natural way to bring back your skins unblemished beauty. The great thing is that there are no harsh chemicals. Even if your face is acne free daily applications of Argan oil would have natural beautifying benefits and no adverse side effects.

The reason Moroccan Argan oil is so effective has much to do with its natural chemical make up, which include  Prostaglanides, Sterols, and high Vitamin E content, among other healing compounds. These three especially help with anti-inflammatory defense of your skin, assistance for cell growth and repair, improve the skin cell metabolic processes, and locking in moisture.

All of these, supported by the other skin rejuvenating compounds in Argan oil, provide a One-Two-Three punch against acne. First they help the skin health overall, preventing future acne outbreaks. Second, the anti-inflammatory and healing agents help suppress existing outbreaks. Finally, the skin rejuvenating compounds and Vitamin E assist in speeding the repair of the wounds and pockmarks left by previous acne outbreaks.

Argan oil has wonderful healing properties, but give the treatment time to see best results. In some instances initial reaction to the treatment may result in a breakout as latent acne is purged. However, if treatment continues this should subside and clear beautiful skin will result.

Additional Facts about Moroccan Oil

Argan tree Berber woman processing Argan oil

You should know that any reputable product marketing as “Moroccan Oil” will feature as a prominent ingredient known as Argan Oil. If you have never hear of it, this oil comes only from the kernel nuts of the endangered Argan tree, native to the harsh environment of southwest Morocco. Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. It has been sought after for centuries for its various amazing properties. Local Moroccans use Argan oil for skin treatments, hair treatments, as medicine, even as cooking oil. Recently major cosmetic and beauty lines have discovered the miraculous benefits of Argan oil and have incorporated it into an array of health and beauty formulas. Learn more about Moroccan Oil Ingredients.

Don't worry—even though the trees are endangered they are being protected by UNESCO to ensure biological sustanaiblity. Additionally all legitimate supplies of Argan oil are produced by a Moroccan women's cooperative that both re-invests in eco-sustainability for the trees as well as ensures local Berber tribe's women, who produce the oil, can have a living wage. They even work part time so they still have time to care for their families.

Also you should know what formulation of Moroccan Oil you have or are considering purchasing. Argan oil can be effective by itself, but often there are other ingredients added to improve the Argan oil hair treatment or skin treatment effectiveness. There are also pure Argan products, and certain people even suggest using Argan cooking oil in some instances. Knowing how you want to use it will determine which Moroccan Oil product is right for you to use. Once you have made that decision learn Where to buy Moroccan Oil from reputable dealers online and still get a fair price.


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